DJ Lessons/In-store or at Residence

DJ Lessons/In-store or at Residence

from 75.00

Improve on your DJing or get started by learning hands-on to get you DJing in no time.Lessons can be taught at Mega DJ Center Store or you can have the convenience of having lessons taught at your residence.

  • Pay for classes at your pace(No forced multiple lessons unless you want more than one)

  • Learn what you want to learn(Some just want to learn to scratch,others want to learn how to mix)

  • Work around your schedule(I know our lives are busy so I do my best to accommodate your schedule)

  • Consult you and come up with a plan to get you to your dj goals

  • Help and Support in certain questions you may have(ex.How much do I charge for a gig?Where can I find music?Where do I get a contract from?

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My Mission..

Getting your Gear you saved money on is a great feeling.But then you get home and you are lost on where to begin.We all have had this problem so my goal  is to help you understand your gear better and start djing.

Learn what you want..

I want to learn how to scratch.
I want to learn how to mix.
I need help learning effects.
Need more help learning my
dj software.
Let me know what you want to learn  and I will make a session catered to your needs.

Why this can help you..

You have probably been checking out all types of youtube videos or your dj friends don't have the time to help you and your getting frustrated.Save time and stress by signing up for a session.With help and practice you will see a difference.